About Us

JD Caldwell

- President

I am originally from San Bernardino where I learned the true meaning of hard work, dedication, integrity, and perseverance from watching my mother raise 6 kids while working 2 jobs. I was a 2 sport athlete in football & track and maintained a 3.5 GPA through school which earned my ticket into college which I soon realized school was not for me but rather entrepreneurship was. I started my first company when I was 12yrs old as a landscaper and soon recruited some of the younger guys to start working for me and created a full landscaping business. I got the real estate "ich" in my mid twenties while working as a loan officer and was hooked ever since! Soon afterwards my brother and I started Platinum Homes Corporation. I ensure our company KPI's are met consistently and that our company stays at the top as one of the most trusted real estate companies in the industry. I pride myself on helping homeowners out of difficult home situations, providing solutions, and then transforming that same home into another family's dream home. This is my way of giving back to my community which is near and dear to my heart.

Frederick Carrington

- President

I was born and raised in Dallas, TX alongside my identical twin brother Eric. I put the ball in my family's legacy by being the first multi-sport athlete. I graduated from L.G. Pinkston High School and later pursued a career in the automotive industry. After graduating from Bill J. Priest Institute in Dallas I later owned an auto repair shop for many years. I later found my passion in real estate and began to build custom homes. I built my first home in 1998 in Desto, TX. I later went on to build many custom homes throughout DFW and other cities. In 2001 my passion grew to fix & flipping and buy & hold properties. I later became Co-Owner of Platinum Homes Corporation whereas I brought my expertise in the custom home industry and my wealth of real estate experience to scale our company to levels unimaginable. I enjoy waking up everyday knowing this is another day I will contribute to the smiles and tears of joy that I will bring to someone's family for years and years to come from our companies real estate homes.

Kera Williams

- Project Manager

I grew up in the inner city of Dallas, TX where I participated in track & field, golf, basketball, and a host of other activities. Graduating from Roosevelt High School in 3yrs and then going off to Florida Memorial Baptist College at the age of 17. After being overly home sick I came back to Dallas where I pursued a nursing career. Here at Platinum Homes I manage and facilitate all of our new builds, fix & flip, and buy & hold projects. I also coordinate all of our subcontractors schedules and handle all title transactions. I truly enjoy the connection and relationships that I have created because I know that each person is a key piece in how we provide value and memories to every family that we encounter.

Eric Carrington

- General Contractor Manager

I was born and raised in Dallas, TX alongside my twin brother Fred. I graduated from L.G. Pinkston High School and enlisted in the United States Army after graduation. In 1990 I was deployed to Iraq in Operation Desert Storm with the 1st Infantry Division (Mech). Throughout my military career I always had a passion for construction and renovations. When I retired from the Army it was inevitable that I would become a part of the family business and contribute my structure and dedication to Platinum Homes. I lead our construction crew through the demolition phase and work with the city to pull permits and other imperative duties to start the scope of work for our projects. I take pride in being the foundation of every project that we obtain because we just don't produce beautifully aesthetic homes; we produce solid ones.

Dee Carrington

- Dispositions Manager

Originally from Dallas, TX. I grew up in a very competitive nature with all of my brothers. We competed from everything from who can catch the most touchdowns to who can finish eating first - I always won the latter ☺. My career took off early in the medical profession field. My passion and love has alway been undoubtedly in real estate. I ensure all of our properties are marketed in the Multiple Listing Service and I handle the showings of the properties to potential buyers. My heart's joy is seeing the face of my buyers when they walk into our home and see their perfect dream home. Priceless.