Who We Are

Platinum Homes Corporation specializes in maximizing homeowner’s equity with our innovative renovate/repair now & pay when you close platform.  

Our platform enables realtors to sell their listings for top-dollar instead of at a discounted price due to the home’s condition. We provide a turnkey solution, whereas our customers have no upfront cost and never have to find a contractor nor a designer. We take the worries out of listing your home on the market – no more low ball offers, huge buyer concessions after the home inspection, or anxiety from long days on the market. Sellers and Realtors can now enjoy a higher payday at closing and better selling experience with Platinum Homes Corporation.

We are Dallas Fort Worth’s most prestigious pre-sale renovation, home repair, white glove packing & moving service, estate sale, and charity donation turnkey company all under one roof. Our innovative pay at closing platform allows homeowners to fully utilize red carpet services that take all of the stress and anxiety out of selling their home.

No more stressing about the weeks on top of weeks it takes you to pack up your home, finding contractors for repairs and renovations, movers, figuring out how to sell no longer wanted personal items, or the money to execute these services because Platinum Homes Corporation takes care of 100% of the upfront cost and defers all of the cost until closing.

To top it off our renovate now & pay at closing platform enables homeowners to maximize their homes equity by selling for top dollar. You can now walk away stress free and with a higher payday when you make the platinum choice with Platinum Homes Corporation.